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Any project that you need help realizing, I am the collaborator you are looking for.  Video production, web site creation, ecommerce integration, drop shipping, illustration, animation, motion graphics, logo designs, and more, I have the experience and skill to elevate or realize your needs.

Why not reach out for a free consultation to see how I can add two decades of experience and success to your venture?

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Why Bugged Out Designs? 

I believe that all creative work is an attempt at human connection.

 I am energized when I can solve a problem or contribute to a project in a meaningful way.  

I find personal fulfillment in learning and creating new things.

I am seeking opportunities to work with new or growing businesses, enthusiastic individuals or small teams that I can help to realize, achieve or exceed their goals or personal version of success through Graphic Design and Illustration. 

 I have more years of experience than I care to admit designing logo and brand packages for  businesses and individuals.  I have also created a wide variety of support and  marketing materials such as postcards, business cards, invoice forms, spreadsheets and web content for a diverse slate of  industries and audiences.

I am continuing to grow in the fields of Animation, and Video/Presentation Media support. 

 WHY BUGGED OUT?  "Bug" was the nickname my family gave to me and it has stuck with me all my life.  Furthermore, I am confident that I can help you, your project or business to stand out from the crowd.   

Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope you will let me help you grow your brand, business, event or personal presence with design, illustration, or creative problem solving. 

Please, take a look around and be sure to say  hello!

Thanks for surfing by! 

Terry  BUG  Lilly