LODESTAR: I created this simple text logo with an integrated star feature for an addiction treatment organization started by a friend.

EXTREEME:  Dangerous tree removal client logo by referral.

MAD DOC: A character logo for a brand of cannabis products from Upwork.

AMERICAN CONTRACTING:   A broad basic design for a contracting client by referral.

J&S BLING KINGS AND MORE, LLC:  A brick and mortar retail location client with a strong social media presence built on the personalities of it's owners.  I particularly enjoyed being able to integrate my love of illustration in this logo.

What is a LOGO?

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name used to identify a company, organization, product, brand or individual. It can literally be anything!  BUT, it should be informed by whom or what it represents, taking into consideration tone, personality, values, or the style of the brand it will serve and to whom it should appeal or will be it's audience.

Why Have A LOGO?

Nearly every marketplace or engagement channel is flooded with direct and indirect competition for your audience's attention.  A great logo can help you stand out from the crowd. A widely and instantly recognized logo is a priceless element of successful brand identity.*

How is it Made?

If you are thinking about acquiring, modifying or updating a logo you need a Graphic Artist - that's me!  Balance, color theory, legibility, scale, file types, fonts, placement, etc. - it can be a lot to think about, but I've got you covered!  Even though I approach logo design as a collaborative effort, leave the "heavy lifting" to me! 

After answering a few easy questions for me  I will brainstorm and rough draft some ideas to present to you.  At that point usually a direction begins to emerge or becomes clear, but if not, then  we know a little more for another round of rough drafting. After narrowing down the choices to one or two ideas I can fully render them and there may be a few more revisions or alterations at this stage.  Finally, an awesome logo is achieved and I will provide you the many file types, sizes or versions you will need to fully embrace and get the most out of your logo!   BUT, if you want support with branding, marketing and a full identity package, that is an option as well!

Follow Up Form 

Logo by unknown artist, animated by Bugged Out Designs.

CLIENT:   FINAO CBD, a CBD oil product packaging business that came to me as a referral from a previous client.

THE BRIEF:  This client had an opportunity to start a CBD product packaging business and was seeking a logo and branding without any real preferences in direction.

OBSTACLE:  The client hadn't yet identified who his ideal customer would be.   Without knowing who his audience would be it was unclear how to speak to potential customers or what images would communicate best with them.

SOLUTION:  With effective leading questions I helped the client identify his ideal consumer demographic as discerning, health conscious professionals.  Keywords  from my notes included; ESTABLISHED, CLASSIC, HEALTHY, THE BEST, ACHIEVEMENT and SUCCESS 

The lyre logo pulls from Greek and Roman Mythology as a symbol that relates well to the client's ideals.  I went with a color palette that feels earthy, warm, and soothing.  The font selection supports the classic tone and feeling of the brand being timeless and endearing. 

I created a sample product mock up, provided several iterations or variations on the logo, established a unique color palette and selected a complimentary font, and finally prepared  a video and poster that tells the story of the logo in the context of the business as potential marketing assets.

Brand Identity & style

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. It's important to have consistency in branding or else you dilute your own presence in the marketplace.  Get a brand identity package that is comprehensive and includes a marketing strategy to communicate what sets you out from the crowd!  Get it BUGGED OUT!